Tough as nails and no continues, do you have what it takes? Donut Dodo is a light-hearted arcade game, reminiscent of the beloved classics from the early 80's that we still cherish to this very day. You play as Baker Billy Burns, who has to run, jump, and climb to outwit Donut Dodo and his bunch of clueless minions. Your goal is to collect all donuts in each level, in the best possible time! Will you top the high score table today? Come and join the fun!


If a long lost arcade game from 1983 resurfaced today, it would be Donut Dodo - a classic 2D platformer from the golden era, tough as nails and challenging for the whole family! And here's the thing: it's not "like an arcade game". It "IS" an arcade game! This is important, as it also means that the release timeline will follow the same course as it would have in the early 80s. First the arcade version, followed by 8-bit and PC home conversions, and finally we'll fast-forward 40 years or so and perhaps release ports for modern consoles, TBC.


  • 5 single-screen levels plus a bonus stage, each with their distinct game mechanics
  • Incredibly tight controls (no cheap deaths) for frantic single-player arcade gameplay
  • Old-school screen ratio and pixel perfect graphics with a 16-color palette
  • An original chiptune soundtrack by the very talented CosmicGem
  • Worldwide leaderboards, limited to 3-character initials, arcade style!


Donut Dodo - Teaser 1YouTube

Donut Dodo - Teaser 2YouTube


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Donut Dodo Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Music composer